Find out who we are

Since 1974 we have been producing original and classy jewellery of great taste that we sell worldwide.

The absolute quality of our workmanship gives life to creations that last over time, keeping intact all their charm.

Our jewels are the result of the components we design, such as handmade glass and PMMA resins, which with unparalleled care and skill we assemble with a careful eye to colour combinations; that we finish with our hands to give you an Ave Caprice jewel that lasts beyond fashion and that over time maintains its splendour, its quality and its style so that our whims realize your dreams and become your virtues.

The production of Ave Caprice is constantly renewing without ever losing that creative and productive tradition that distinguishes us from other companies on the market.

Personalized jewellery Ave Caprice

The handmade jewels of Ave Caprice are fully customizable to enhance the personality of our customers.

But not only: the materials used to make our necklaces can be used again to produce a new one. You can always decide to modify your bijoux to generate a jewel that embodies new ideas and visions.

Active for sustainability

In our laboratory, we create jewels in complete safety, respecting and enhancing the workers.

In the production, domestic raw materials such as:

  • handmade glass in the Venice lagoon
  • crystal
  • resins in imitation of natural stones
  • silver with recessed zircons
  • silver terminals
  • silver and bronze closures
  • imported natural semi-precious and semi-precious stones

Are you a company that wants to order products in the catalogue?

Ave Caprice operates with a staff ranging from 8 to 15 employees depending on the production periods and has a production capacity of 50,000 pieces, 80% of which are exported.

The reference markets are mainly Europe, Japan and Taiwan where the products are sold in multi-brand stores on mail sales on airlines and in single-brand corners within prestigious Department Stores.